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At YourDefenseAttorneyLA we are prepared to take on criminal cases in your defense, we have over 40 years of experience defending criminal cases and over 1000 successful litigations for our clients. Don’t put your reputation and your freedom at risk.

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Our Aggravated Robbery Criminal Defense attorneys will defend you against theft charges in Los Angeles. With over 1000 cases won, we will advise you on how to proceed. Reach out to our Aggravated Robbery defense attorneys so we can represent you in court, and save you from further harm.



Our Los Angeles Assault and Battery attorneys will stand up for you in court if you have been involved in an act of violence with another person. In the state of California there is a zero tolerance rule for any display of violence, so it is very important that you have a defense to defend you.



Our Los Angeles Attempted Murder Criminal Defense attorneys will vouch for you in the face of attempted murder charges. Don’t put your freedom at risk and secure a good defense with our attorneys who specialize in criminal cases like this one. Reach out to our attorneys and we will assert your rights.



Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys have the experience in criminal cases to defend you if you have been charged with illegal possession of narcotics. This is a crime and you should act with the advice of a professional. Turn to our Drug Possession defense service.



Our Los Angeles DUI Defense attorneys know your rights as a citizen and will defend you against police abuse. We know the importance of a good defense against DUI charges, because if you don’t act the right way, you can face fines, license suspension and a blemish on your record. Turn to our attorneys and we will represent you in court.


Our Fraud and Criminal Defense attorneys will defend you against any possible Fraud charges. If you are charged with this crime, it is best to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney who knows your case and cares about your safety. Contact our attorneys and we will proceed to defend you.



Our Los Angeles homicide criminal defense attorneys will defend you against murder charges. We know the magnitude of this charge and have the experience to represent you in court. Manslaughter is a serious crime that requires a skilled defense attorney who knows your case.


Our Los Angeles Prostitution Criminal Defense attorneys know the laws of California, and we can assure you a good defense in your Prostitution case. Contact us to learn more about your situation and to represent you in court. We will advise you and enforce your rights. Call our attorneys.



Our Los Angeles Sexual Crimes Defense attorneys know all too well the frequency of these accusations, but we also know that they are not always true. If you have been accused of a rape crime, our attorneys will look out for you and prove your innocence. Don’t jeopardize your reputation and contact us.



Our Los Angeles Unlawful Gun Possession Criminal Defense attorneys know gun laws and will provide you with advice on how to address your charges. Reach out to our gun possession defense attorneys so we can defend you and your interests. Don’t put your freedom on the line and learn more about this service.