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Assault & Battery

Assault & Battery Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

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To learn more about the laws related to Assault & Battery in the state of California, we advise you to keep reading, our goal is to clear all your doubts, but keep in mind that the information offered here should not be used as a substitute for a qualified and experienced attorney in criminal cases to defend you.

Assault and Battery-Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles


Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

“An assault is an unlawful attempt, coupled with the present ability, to commit violent injury upon the person of another.

A battery is any willful and unlawful use of force or violence upon the person of another.”

California Statutes – Penal Code 240 & 242

What is Assault?

Under California law, assault is any action that violates the physical and mental integrity of an individual. Thus, threatening with words, using force, or intimidating another person is considered an assault and therefore a crime. Each case is special, as it cannot be otherwise, and several factors are taken into account to determine the guilt of the accused.

What is Aggression?

Battery is closely related to the crime of Assault since in most cases one action leads to the other, although they do not always go hand in hand, i.e., Assault can occur without reaching Battery. Simply put, Battery is when harm is committed to the victim by means of physical contact which can result in serious injury. It is important to have a Criminal Defense Attorney who knows how to prove your innocence.

What is the penalty for Assault and Battery in California?

They are usually charged as misdemeanors, unless there are factors that require a more severe punishment (such as aggravated assault). They may spend up to 6 months in prison, or be assigned community service work, as well as pay fines of up to one thousand dollars ($1000) in the case of assault and two thousand dollars ($2000) in the case of battery.

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